TDK Components Characteristic Viewer
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This tool provides you with a simple online procedure for checking the basic, frequency, DC-Bias and temperature characteristics of TDK electronic parts. You can use it as a tool for selecting a TDK electronic part.
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  • 2-port parts can display a maximum of 27 kinds of frequency characteristics, and 4-port parts can display a maximum of 70 kinds.
  • DC-Bias and temperature characteristics of inductors and capacitors can be displayed.New
  • It is possible to set an axis or change the reference impedance of the S parameter in the frequency characteristic. It is also possible to download data.
  • Frequency characteristics can be overwritten, so it is easy to compare parts.
  • Parts lists use a tree view display, to make it easy to search for or select parts.
  • The tool is linked to electronic part catalog data in compliance with JEITA, so it can display more detailed data.
  • Approximately 3300 parts are recorded at present (including ferrite beads, inductors, capacitors, 3-terminal filters, common mode filters and varistors).
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Data displayed using this tool does not guarantee the characteristics of a part.
For better and safer use of a part, please request the delivery specifications that enable you to
check more closely the usage and characteristics.
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